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September 2016


Packaging Design Engineer 

Danone Nutricia Research

In my role I lead projects from their birth to final implementation in the factory. I am specialised in framing and defining projects, in the early exploration phase. Further, I implement and lead holistic design development within the packaging team's capabilities. Daily tasks vary from project management to concept development and from 3D modeling to validation testing and from ergonomic research to line trials. Additionally, I take part in strategic exercises like updating the brand language portfolio, defining price tiers and an eHealth strategy.

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June 2020

October 2020

Innovation Project Leader 

Danone Nutricia Research

Next to my job as Packaging Design Engineer, I took on the challenge to lead a cross-functional project team, developing the next generation bottle. I led a team including but not limited to Marketing, Operations, Regulatory, Finance Global and Local functions. The deliverable was a translation from locked technical design into full business case.

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September 2015

August 2016

Graduate Intern Packaging 

Danone Nutricia Research

I defined and led the Smart Packaging project, from project need to concrete product proposition. I used Participatory Design for actively involving patients in all stages of the packaging development process. The end result was a bluetooth-enabled cap that communicates product intake to a diet monitoring app. Fully-functional prototypes were tested in the field in a multi-week trial.

May 11

Aug 15

May 2011

August 2015

servicedesk employee

university of twente

As servicedesk employee I am the face of the building. Administrative and reception activities are part of my work. Additionally, I led the team for the last two years in organisational matters like handling opening hours for special events and making the schedule.

Jan 14

Jan 15

January 2014

January 2015

Product, Packaging & Service Design

Ontwerp Zonder Suiker

With three fellow industrial design students I started up a design agency. We collaborated on brand identity, web- and packaging design projects, like those for and Skin and Body Care.

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July 2013

September 2014

student researcher 

study tour ke nako

Study Tour Ke Nako took 26 students to South Africa, where we experienced Industrial Design in a completely different culture. As student researcher, I performed a research that assesses the influence of Industrial Design on South African society. In a group of four we developed a roadmap for the pre-incubation of South African Bottom of the Pyramid enterprises.


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February 2014

August 2016

master of science, industrial design engineering

university of twente

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September 2010

January 2014

bachelor of science, industrial design

university of twente

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September 2004

June 2010

pre-university education

scholengemeenschap lelystad


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December 2018


Inclusive Diversity Champion 

Danone Nutricia Research

As Danone Inclusive Diversity Champions, we advocate for a workplace in which each and everyone can bring their whole self to work. Several activities throughout the year are used to make people aware of an Inclusive and Diverse work environment. The main activity is the organisation of the monthly nudge: a bite-size intervention, designed to raise (self-)awareness around the topic of inclusion, which is short and provocative and intends to create an "aha moment".

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July 2017

January 2020

YUP Danone Board Member 

Danone Nutricia Research

UPDanone is a platform for all young Danone employees to connect, inspire, share, learn and represent the new generation within Danone, with 600 members throughout the Benelux entities. YUPDanone organises events for these members throughout the year, including keynotes of internal and external speakers, workshops and other career-enriching activities but also fun activities for informal networking. We expanded the scope by setting up an innovation platform, for top management to leverage input of the YUPDanoners.

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June 2012

June 2013

Cultural Programme Coordinator

Stukafest Enschede

I composed the cultural programme for the yearly Student Room Festival Enschede. At twenty student rooms throughout the city, comedians, musicians, poets, dancers and actors performed. We had around 750 visitors and we handled a budget of €12.000 throughout the year of preparation.


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June 2020

Cultivating Creative Collaboration


Aug 19

August 2019


ESSEC Business School

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April 2015

July 2015

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (theoretical training only)








Design thinking, strategic design, human-centered design, value proposition design, participatory design, Lean Startup






Solidworks, Keyshot, Tablet digital drawing, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Macaw (webdesign)