we designed

a computer mouse with the implicit and explicit design cues of the audi brand.




Brand Value Translation, Design Format Analysis, Foam Modeling

Brands strive for creating a strong brand identity. The visual and symbolic cues that a brand characterise could be transferred to a different product. In this project, together with Kevin Joling, I asssesed the graphic language of the Audi brand and translated it into two computer mouse designs.

The visual elements of Audi were translated into three values that describe the brand in three steps. Visuals were translated from explicit to implicit associations.

Two designs were produced, a 2D projection on a generic computer mouse and 3D prototype A prototype of the 3D design was made out of firm foam. The aerodynamic shape should envision the mantra of Audi, “Vorsprung durch Technik, which is translated into advancement through technology.