we developed

a consumer-centric bottle for enteral feeding by tube or gravity.




Structural Packaging Development, Consumer Research

This award-winning packaging is a striking example of the work that I do at Danone. Starting with the consumer in mind, a traditional enteral feeding pouch was replaced by a collapsible bottle. I contributed in concept detailing through consumer research and technical design refinement during implementation.

In a project totalling seven years, consumer insights formed the basis of the project scope. A variety of designs was explored to find the optimum shape for both consumer convenience and collapsibility. In the next phase, these were married with a fitting manufacturing technology.

The bottle is a holistic packaging development, based on consumer, market, competitor and trend research. Every step of the way, consumers were involved in the development, to bring functionality, technology, semiotics and branding together.

The bottle combines the best of two worlds, rigid and flexible plastics. The consumer can easily connect the enteral feeding kit with the bottle standing, meaning both hands are free to use. The fliptop cap enables one hand opening. After connection, the hook at the bottom of the bottle is opened to hang the bottle upside down on an intravenous pole. The bottle is fully collapsible bottle, meaning no air needs to enter the bottle for it to empty. This ensures a closed system that remains sterile.

Below video gives an impression of the pack's features and benefits. The bottle is recyclable-by-design. The manufacturing process also significantly reduces water usage and CO2 emissions through a new sterilisation process.

The bottle, sealing lid, fliptop cap, multi-page label and secondary packaging were designed from scratch. From first sketches, through development and detail engineering. A completely new production line, including an aseptic sterilisation process, was realised.