i designed

i designed

an all-in-one packaging for a complete spaghetti.




Technical Packaging Development, Graphic Design, CAD modeling, Feasibility Analysis

Throughout the last century, the traditional “8 to 5” working day has been transformed in a constantly ongoing economy. The rushing lifestyle is the basis of this packaging design. The package provides all the ingredients for a complete meal and it is a substitute for “unhealthy” ready-to-eat meals.

The package was designed for HEMA which is famous for making products that “make you smile”. A playful twist was integrated by adding cooking instructions inside the packaging. Another playful element is the spaghetti measurer which has four measurement quantities: child, women, men or hungry like a horse.

The package contains tomatoes, salami slices, spaghetti and a spaghetti measurer. These ingredients could, by using the right material and barrier properties, all be stored out of the fridge.

The project was initiated as part of the master course Packaging Design and Management in which one was asked to design a packaging combining a food and a non-food product. Both visual and technical aspects are considered.

Besides the visual aspect, the package was designed technically. The exact material properties, the necessary production documents and a broad outline of the production process and cost price were assessed.